Formed in 1990, Word Ministries, Inc is a non-profit which provides tools for success through development, encouragement and education.
(ISBN: 978-1-61658-303-3; 234 pages)
Working On Renewed Determinations: The purpose of Project WORD is to assist and help others to reach that place which God has desired for mankind to maintain. Inner spiritual growth is the most important part of life. Our goal is to help others in many different avenues.Join Project WORD 
Three main relationships, Pseudo-Success Syndrome, Failure and the definition, The Sound of Rejection, The Symptoms and Effects of Failures, Caught in a Lifestyle, Emotional Effects of Consistent Failures, Searching for Success and Living in Victory.
Understanding the Qualifications and the Demands of Leadership, Planning, Organizing, Management and Attitudes of a Leader; Profile and Persistence of a Leader.
Four Necessary Growths, Outer Pressures and Braces, I Am Not For Sale, Having Strong Shoulders, How Your Attitude Makes A Difference, Mental and Emotional Maturity, Virtues of Hate, Maintaining Self-Control, Keeping Yourself Right, Straight Talk, Armed and Strong, Maintaining Your Firmness.
The Meaning of Values, Responsibility, Self-Control, Integrity, Balancing Your Life, Trust, Honesty, Respect, Fairness, Purity, Love and Forgiveness.
Anger, covetousness, deception, disobedience, division, envy, evil thoughts, fear, rebellion, slothfulness and uncontrolled emotions.
Stressful living, running out of time, indecision, guilt from decisions, the pressure cooker called life, mistakes and blunders, living fully,  honesty or dishonesty, self-mastery, selfcontrol, self-discipline (mental, spiritual, and physical) and a disciplined attitude.